Masters in BusinessEarning a Masters in Business Degree rewards people with management, teaching, investment, marketing, and banking opportunities as professionals of business. This degree comprises skill-enhancing courses such as Data Analysis for Managers, Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Principles, and Information Systems for Management. Most accredited schools that include a Masters in Business Degree program in their academic offerings are led by a team of doctorate-level instructors and educators. Through both comprehensive educations and instructor support, graduates of Masters in Business Degree programs are sought by businesses, financial institutions, private companies, and investment agencies for their advanced skills, degrees, experience levels, and reputations as master’s degree holders.

The greatest advantage of possessing a graduate-level degree in the field of business is that individuals can avoid entry-level positions that do not pay as well as more desirable, upper-level positions in their field. Even better, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who acquire a Masters in Business Degrees earn around $100,000 per year in an industry that is expected to grow between 16 and 20 percent over the next decade.

How to Find the Top Masters in Business Degree Programs

With a wealth of educational facilities that offer Masters in Business Degree programs today, potential students of those degree programs often become overwhelmed when faced with deciding which facility they should apply to. While the accreditation of any secondary institution represents an essential attribute, the quality of an institution’s degree program, faculty members, counseling services, and financial aid opportunities are also important attributes of any college or university. There are many reputable business schools around the country that offer exceptional and innovative master’s-level degree programs for business education, and two of those top facilities are reviewed below.

Clarkson University: Clarkson University possesses the distinction of offering its students some of the nation’s best instructors according to U.S. News and World Report. This university offers one of the best online Master’s of Science in Business Administration Degree programs, and it is accredited by the Association to Advance College Schools of Business.

University of Denver: The University of Denver is ranked as the best business school for master’s-level education by The Best Master’s and MBA U.S.A. One of the World’s best Master’s of Science in Business Administration Degree programs is offered through this university’s Daniels College of Business. The Daniels College of Business is ranked as one of the best schools for business education in the World by BusinessWeek, U.S. News and World Report, and the Financial Times.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals with Masters in Business Degrees

For the most part, obtaining a master’s-level education in the field of business provides individuals with the best earning potentials in their field, but skill and experience levels, specific job location, geographic location, and other economic factors also contribute to the variety of wages that individuals earn in this area. According to The Best Colleges, the top Masters in Business salaries are acquired by the following business professionals:

  • chief technology officers, who earn around $155,809 per year;
  • computer and information systems managers, and they enjoy yearly earnings of $115,780;
  • financial managers, who make about $103,910 per year;
  • health services managers, and they possess salaries of $84,270 per year;
  • high-end management consultants, who make between $75,000 and $127,000 per year;
  • information technology directors, who earn annual salaries of $104,644;
  • investment fund managers, and they earn approximately $134,797 per year;
  • marketing managers, who possess annual salaries of $112,800;
  • sales managers, and they make $98,530 per year;
  • investment bankers, who possess both a Masters in Business Degree and the potential to earn millions of dollars annually.

The field of business is maintained and guided by professionals who possess advanced skills in the areas of mathematics, statistics, analysis, financial accounting, leadership, management, and marketing to name a few. Aside from outstanding salaries, professionals who secure Masters in Business careers through advanced educational programs are blessed with long-term satisfaction in a growing industry.

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