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about-masters-in-businessWelcome to Master’s in Business Degree Guide, your #1 online resource guide for finding the best information about pursuing a master’s degree in business from some of the nation’s top schools offering high-quality business education. Our mission is to share our expert knowledge on accredited graduate schools that are offering Master’s in Business degree programs in a wide array of business disciplines to assist you as you embark on the journey of advancing your career to leadership and management positions.

In today’s competitive global business marketplace, it is becoming more important than ever before for students to obtain a graduate degree in the field of business to stand out from the crowd with their advanced skills and enhanced experience levels. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in finance, accounting, organizational behavior, management, marketing, international business, or information systems, you have come to the right place for finding only the best accredited schools offering Master’s in Business degrees in your chosen area.

Within our website, you will find rankings, infographics, featured articles, blogs, professional conferences, iPad apps, website links, career opportunities, and answers to your most prominent questions about receiving a Master’s in Business degree. In an easy-to-use format searchable by business discipline, we have also compiled comprehensive lists of accredited graduate business degree programs by state to help you receive a high-quality business education for becoming a leader in our diverse business environment.

Reasons to Consider a Master’s in Business Degree:

• In the United States, individuals between the ages of 21 and 64 with a master’s degree or higher earn a mean yearly salary of $55,242, in comparison to those with a bachelor’s degree who make an average $42,877 each year. With a nearly 30% difference, earning a master’s degree receives a tremendous return on investment.

• According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, the median starting salary for graduates with a master’s degree in business is $78,820, with 42% receiving an average signing bonus of $15,000.

• After receiving a Master’s in Business degree, 69% move into mid-level positions, 21% take on entry-level jobs, 8% assume senior-level positions, and 1% find themselves in executive spots in today’s corporate world.

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